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Click here to Print a Scoresheet for Released Fish



All members may participate in our annual members’ fishing contest.  The member’s dues must be current when the fish is caught to be an eligible entry in the contest.  New members become officially eligible to qualify fish upon receipt of their membership card or license plate from the Club.  There are four divisions:  men, women, junior, and youth.  The junior division includes ages 13 through 16, and youth division includes those ages through 12.  All youth and junior members will retain their classification that they are in as of January 1 for the entire year (for example, a youth who turns 13 mid-year stays in the youth division all year or a junior who turns 17 mid-year stays a junior all year). 


Awards are given for the following species of fish:  by length only---albacore, bluefish, cobia, flounder, red drum, striped bass / by weight only---black drum, blow toad (puffers),  croaker, gray trout, jacks, king mackerel, ling cod, pompano, sea mullet, sheepshead, spanish mackerel, speckled trout, spot, and tarpon.  Fish that do not conform to the state minimums or that are less than 11 inches, will not be considered for an award.


The following tackle shops register fish for our contest and do this as a courtesy to our membership: Hatteras Jack in Rodanthe, The Fishin’ Hole in Salvo, Frank & Fran’s in Avon, Dillon’s Corner, and Red Drum Tackle in Buxton, Frisco Tackle, and Frisco Rod & Gun in Frisco, The Roost at Teach’s Lair Marina and Pelican's Roost in Hatteras.  Each tackle shop has registration forms, which CHAC provides.  It is the responsibility of the angler to make sure the form is completely and correctly filled in.  The fish MUST BE REGISTERED WITHIN 24 HOURS of being caught and the score sheet must be delivered to the Angler's Club office or postmarked within 2 weeks of the catch. 


When registering your fish, keep in mind:


The Bernice R. Ballance Memorial Trophy is given for the longest channel bass, whether it is kept or released.

Albacore, striped bass, blue fish, and red drum are measured for length only, with the award given for the longest striped bass, blue fish, or red drum whether kept or released.  Entry forms (click here ) for all released fish must contain the name of the individual who witnessed the measurement of a released fish.

Any fish (besides albacore, blue fish, red drum, and striped bass) must be the greater of the state minimum length OR 11 inches and if it has a take-season, may be entered only during the allowed taking of that fishery.  Red Drum over 27” must be released by North Carolina regulations.  All fish entered in this tournament must meet minimum length requirements of NCMF if any exists.  Click here for NC Division of Marine Fisheries Minium sizes and creel limits

Qualifying fish must be caught within the boundaries set by the membership.  Those boundaries are the ocean waters from the southern side of Oregon Inlet to the Northern side of Hatteras Inlet; in other words, you must be surf fishing the ocean waters on Hatteras Island and must not be assisted by a vessel of any kind!  The Board of Directors further defines the ocean waters as “where the waves break on shore ends the boundary of ocean waters or where the in-going tidal waters at the inlet begins, marks the out-of-bounds area.”  Fish caught while a participant in any other fishing tournament are eligible as long as the location of the catch conforms to our rules.  The Board of Directors further defines the ocean waters as "where the waves break on shore ends the boundary of ocean waters. Where the in-going tidal waters at the inlet begin marks the out of bounds area."



Fish caught while a participant in any other fishing tournament are eligible as long as the location of the catch conforms to our rules.


All qualifying fish for this contest must be caught on a hook or lure and landed without assistance from another person.  Any fish that is foul-hooked will not be allowed.  No assistance may be given in baiting, casting, hooking, or landing a fish; however, a fish may be gaffed by another person as long as the gaff is not more than 5 feet in length.  Grappling hooks are not allowed.


The Cape Hatters Anglers Club encourages all fishermen to release any fish that is not intended for dining fare and to attend the awards banquet for the presentation of the awards.


The Club will provide a plaque to all winners.  If the winner wants a certificate in place of a plaque, the cost of the plaque will be donated to the Club’s Scholarship Fund in the winner’s name.  Each year a large plaque listing all winners for the year will be permanently displayed at the Club.



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